Eddie Offermann (eddie_offermann) wrote in badtattoomacros,
Eddie Offermann

Community Promotion

We're new and while I had some time this afternoon to toss together some basic rules and post a few original bad tattoo macros, my daily livejournaling gives me just enough time to write an entry and check up on a few people. Promoting the community is up to you!

In a parallel vein, I'll accept community promotions from other communities under the following conditions:

1. Your promotional post here MUST contain a (bad)tattoo-related image. Macro preferably, though if you want to post a "request for macro" to a bad tattoo picture, that's acceptable too.
2. The promotional portion of your post MUST reside behind an lj-cut. Even if you post only one image, the community link cannot be above the cut.
3. You must cross-promote this community with a post to your own.
4. Your community must relate to tattoos (bad or otherwise), or macros of some sort.
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