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badtattoomacros's Journal

Bad Tattoo Macros
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Bad tattoos with lolcats-style commentary
This is a community for posting macros of bad tattoos. In short, pictures of awful (by concept or execution) with text on them - written in the now somewhat canonized lolcats style of low-literacy l33t.


Community Rules:
1. All posts should contain a bad-tattoo macro or be directly involved with them. Posting "bad tat2 taht needz lolz" and a bad tattoo image without a macros is acceptable.
2. If the tattoo isn't especially bad, the macro text had better be awesome.
3. Images requesting captions must be behind an LJ-cut.
4. LJ-cuts are required for large images (more than 700px wide).
5. Posts with more than two images may have two images before the cut, all others should be afterwards.
6. Your maintainer will ban you for bad behavior. I thought this was a funny idea for a community, but I don't have a great deal of time: so I won't waste that time moderating a community full of idiots. Behave yourselves.
7. If you link to the original or indicate who the tattoo belongs to in any way (unless the person is famous - celebrities are fair game), your post will be deleted and at the maintainer's discretion you may be banned.

What the hell are macros?

From WikiPedia:
- Image Macro

A few tips:

1. Macros traditionally use all-caps and impact font. See examples in the community for details.
2. Stroke the text. That's the outline around the lettering - it's a layer style option in photoshop. 3 points is the default.
3. Just because it's a bad tattoo, doesn't mean it'll make a great macro. And sometimes tattoos that aren't all-around bad make great ones.


We're new and while I had some time this afternoon to toss together some basic rules and post a few original bad tattoo macros, my daily livejournaling gives me just enough time to write an entry and check up on a few people. Promoting the community is up to you!

In a parallel vein, I'll accept community promotions from other communities under the following conditions:

1. Your promotional post here MUST contain a (bad)tattoo-related image. Macro preferably, though if you want to post a "request for macro" to a bad tattoo picture, that's acceptable too.
2. The promotional portion of your post MUST reside behind an lj-cut. Even if you post only one image, the community link cannot be above the cut.
3. You must cross-promote this community with a post to your own.
4. Your community must relate to tattoos (bad or otherwise), or macros of some sort.